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There Are Two Bets Being Placed – Kubernetes vs. Other Schedulers (Nomad, Mesos, others)

By on Mar 31, 2019 in Article

Background Are you both impressed with and intimidated by Kubernetes? It’s understandable. Kubernetes is moving fast, it’s super powerful, sophisticated, has a large upstream community, and tons of vendor interest, a huge user base, and is moving at the speed of light. This can make it intimidating. In short, it looks a lot like Linux did back in 1999...

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Testing With Podman – Complete Uninstall/Reinstall

By on Mar 21, 2019 in Software

Background Sometimes it’s necessary to uninstall completely, and reinstall when testing software. This is something I have been doing with podman on RHEL 7.6 since about 6AM today 🙂 I figured it was worth capturing the instructions I have developed while testing user namespaces and rootless containers. This could make your life easier too. Complete Uninstall...

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A Concise Introduction to DevSecOps

By on Feb 17, 2019 in Article

Why Should I Care About DevSecOps? Are you a frustrated security professional, trying to get your organization to change (aren’t we all)? Or perhaps, you are trying to get management to value security more? Or maybe, you are a security conscious Developer (wait, do those actually exist? Yes, yes, they do) or Sysadmin who knows you need more security in your...

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