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Podman and CRI-O in RHEL 8 and OpenShift 4

By on Jun 10, 2019 in Article

What This is a quick article to pull together the entire picture of Podman and CRI-O with the releases of RHEL 8 and OpenShift Container Platform 4. In a nutshell, you get Podman with RHEL in a single node use case (orchestrate yourself) and CRI-O as part of the highly automated OpenShift 4 software stack. Let’s start with the high level story: Presentation:...

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Red Hat Universal Base Image and Licensing

By on Jun 8, 2019 in Article

The Red Hat Universal Base Image has generated a tremendous amount of buzz, which is great. This also means, I get a ton of questions about it. One of the most popular area of questions is around licensing. If you have licensing questions this blog might help you frame your questions better, but I always recommend consulting legal council. This article will, at a...

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Red Hat Summit 2019 Follow Up

By on May 20, 2019 in Article

If you attended a session of ours at Red Hat Summit, thank you for spending some time with us! As a follow up, I wanted to give a brief write up on the sessions, as well as share the labs and presentations. Thanks to Dan Walsh, Ben Breard, Jamie Duncan, John Osbourn, and Rodrigo Freire (special thanks for amazing Cachaca): Choosing the Right Container Base Image For...

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