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How to Buy a Used Linux Container

How do you buy a used Linux container? A quick search of “how to buy a shipping container” will turn up a wealth of information, especially how to evaluate used ones. While all analogies are imperfect, this one is pretty good and it does highlight an interesting problem – basically, any Linux container image over […]

Container Portability Series - Multi-Level Computing

Container Portability: Part 3

The Paths Forward In Container Portability: Part2: Code Portability Today, we discussed how there are no regression tests, there is no complete interface standard, there is definitely pain ahead if we think we can use today’s container images (level 3B) on tomorrow’s container hosts (level 3A), 10 years from now. So, what’s the solution? With […]

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The Open Containers Initiative: Software Containers vs. Shipping Containers

Like in the physical world of shipping containers, the OCI container image and runtime formatsĀ are critical because they allow for infrastructure and investment to happen among a bunch competing and collaborating entities. Vendors can invest in building an ecosystem of tools, orchestrators, registry servers, etc. Users can extract value from the ecosystem, move containers where […]