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Learning Container Engines by Demo

By on Sep 19, 2018 in Article

Background So, this morning I had a call with some customers who are usingĀ Podman in RHEL 7.6 Beta. We got into a pretty good discussion about what a container engine does. Many people have tackled this subject before – Liz Rice has a great talk where she builds a container engine from scratch. I loved her talk and have been contemplating on how to expand on...

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What is CRICTL and Why Should You Care?

By on Jul 13, 2018 in Article

Container Engines are like wheel bearings, you should be able to replace them when they stop working. Also, you shouldn’t have to care about what brand they are. That’s what the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) aims to solve. CRI defines the API used to talk to container engines and all the major container engines support CRI either natively...

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Getting Ninja with Runc

By on Jul 28, 2017 in Article

Background Have you ever tried to get runc to work? Did you have that WTF moment where you were like, this is weird, and annoying, and why do I even need to know this? When, I use docker, everything just works. Well, I am here to help. Why might you want to get ninja with Runc? Well, like any good hacker, because it helps you understand how all of the pieces fit...

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