Testing With Podman – Complete Uninstall/Reinstall

Testing With Podman – Complete Uninstall/Reinstall


Sometimes it’s necessary to uninstall completely, and reinstall when testing software. This is something I have been doing with podman on RHEL 7.6 since about 6AM today 🙂 I figured it was worth capturing the instructions I have developed while testing user namespaces and rootless containers. This could make your life easier too.

Complete Uninstall

Run the following commands:

rm -rf /etc/containers/* /var/lib/containers/* /etc/docker /etc/subuid* /etc/subgid*
yum remove buildah skopeo podman containers-common atomic-registries docker

Remember to delete any users and their associated containers storage:

rm -rf /home/fatherlinux/.local/share/containers/

userdel -r fatherlinux

Fresh Install

Run the following commands:

yum install podman buildah skopeo

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