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The Open Containers Initiative: Software Containers vs. Shipping Containers

Like in the physical world of shipping containers, the OCI container image and runtime formatsĀ are critical because they allow for infrastructure and investment to happen among a bunch competing and collaborating entities. Vendors can invest in building an ecosystem of tools, orchestrators, registry servers, etc. Users can extract value from the ecosystem, move containers where […]


How I Got the Name Fatherlinux :-)

Over the years I have realized that there is a bit of confusion when I first tell people my Twitter handle is @fatherlinux. People ask things like, “what about mother Linux?” or “Perhaps you should change your name to Grandpa Linux now that you have been doing this for so long?” They often think the […]


KubeCon (November 9th-11th)

Hey all, come join Red Hat and Kismatic at the first community driven, technical event dedicated entirely to Kubernetes.