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Deep Dive: Rebasing vs. Backporting

Background Impetus Recently, I saw a discussion was started, asking about the importance of the operating system on LinkedIn OpenStack group: Ubuntu can overtake Red Hat in private clouds because the OS doesn’t really matter I found the conversation wildly interesting because several people expressed reasons for why they think the operating system does or […]

A Practical Introduction to Docker Containers

Background Why Docker has quite an amount of buzz around it today because it makes so many things easy that were difficult with virtual machines. Docker containers makes it easy for Developers, Systems Administrators, Architects, Consultants and others to quickly test a piece of software in a container; much quicker than a virtual machine, and […]

Michigan Red Hat Enterprise User Group

Hey, just a quick update. We ran our first Red Hat Enterprise User Group in Michigan back in January. We are working on the agenda for the next meet up in May, and we have a new site, mailing list, and LinkedIn group!