Who is Fatherlinux?

Who is Fatherlinux?

Over the years I have realized that there is a bit of confusion when I first tell people my Twitter handle is @fatherlinux. People ask things like, “what about mother Linux?” or “Perhaps you should change your name to Grandpa Linux now that you have been doing this for so long?” They often think the

Springpad Shutting Down

It is a sad day for me because Springpad has been a great tool: http://support.springpad.com/customer/portal/articles/1566742-how-much-longer-can-i-use-springpad- A couple of years back, I compared Springpad with Evernote. Since then, Evernote has improved greatly, and that is where I will be going now. Good by SpringPad!!!!

RHEL7 Release Notes Highlights

I just finished going through the release notes for RHEL7 Release Candidate and Technical Notes… Features Fast Block Devices Caching Slower Block Devices Systemd controls cgroups Hardware Event Reporting Mechanism (HERM) RAS Daemon: Unifies all error data & reporting Live migration of a guest from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 host to the Red