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Is OpenShift a Fork of Kubernetes? Short Answer – No. Longer Answer – Here’s a Ton of Technical Reasons.

By on Jun 7, 2018 in Article

When I answer technical questions, I try to treat people with respect. I assume that people are smart and know how to make good decisions if they have the right information. I try to give them facts, so that the architect part of their brain has the information it needs to make good decisions and go forth in the world to help others. Well, if you’re asking...

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Containers Don’t Run on Docker

By on Jun 6, 2018 in Article

Background I’m here to tell you that somebody on the Internet is wrong! Actually, many people. If you have ever consulted Google for the words “Docker Architecture” you may have found a drawing that implies that Docker is some sort of blue box which sits on top of an operating system and runs containers. That makes sense right? Wrong! Containers don’t run on Docker...

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Hacker’s Guide to Installing OpenShift Container Platform 3.9

By on Apr 10, 2018 in Article

  Contents1 Background1.1 Where to Start2 Installation2.1 Preparation2.1.1 Step 12.1.2 Step 22.1.3 Step 32.1.4 Step 42.2 Running Playbooks2.2.1 Quick Installer2.2.2 Advanced Installer2.2.3 Useful Playbooks3 Testing & Verification3.1 Day Two Operations Guide3.2 Cluster Administration3.3 Upgrading Clusters4 Conclusion Background My problem, like most...

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