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On Unikernels – Which is Heavier – VMs or OSes?

By on Feb 5, 2018 in Article

Many times, new technologies seem deceptively simple – but I have never found them to actually be simpler. I have always loved the deep technical underpinnings of computing and that’s why I often write about how things like Containers, Unikernels, and Serverless work under the covers. Recently, I was at DevConf in Brno, CZ and I watched Michael Bright...

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Open Source Summit Prague: Developer Tools for Kubernetes

By on Oct 24, 2017 in Article

This is a live blog of this talk by the Azure Containers team. Michelle Noorali, leads SIG-Apps. Matt Butcher wrote the Children’s Guide for Kubernetes. They mention that they are going to talk about long running applications/services and short running batch jobs. Michelle started to talk about Kubernetes primatives for long running processes. She talked about...

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