Testing Cloud Native BuildPacks on Fedora with Podman

We’ve been taking a look at adding more cloud native container tools to the operating system, and a few months ago we asked Mandvekar to add the Cloud Native Build Packs CLI tool to Fedora (thanks Lokesh!).  Recently, I had a chance to test this out, and to my pleasant surprise, the CLI worked well to build images. There are still a couple of bumps around SELinux but it was pretty darn smooth.

Here are the steeps I took to get it to work. First, install a couple of packages:


Enable the Podman socket. I used instructions from the RHEL Building, running and managing containers guide here.


Notice, that the docker compatible socket is in place. This symlink is added automatically by the podman-docker package:



Now, disable selinux (I’m still figuring this out):


Now, follow the Cloud Native BuildPacks tutorial to get up and running. It’s really just two commands:



When the build completes, you’ll have working images:


Run the sample app:




Congratulations, you just built the sample application using the pack CLI with Podman as the container engine, using the Docker compatible API socket.




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