I would like to thank my employer Red Hat ( for encouraging me to contribute open source software and knowledge to this site. Red Hat is a very open company which encourages all of it’s employees to contribute in their local communities and online.

I would like to thank Sandro “red” Mathys for helping me get petit into Fedora 13. This is the first package I have ever had in a Linux distribution and it is really exciting.

I would like to thank the Akron Linux Users Group for allowing me to present my topics which are only sometime loosely related to Linux directly and often focus more on Web Operations or Systems Administration topics.

I would like to thank my good friends at EYEMG LLC ( for hosting my lab. This lab provides me with the infrastructure I need to continue contributing to petit and my other projects.

Finally, I would like to thank my good friend Chad Remesch at Blue Frog Gaming for challenging me back in 1998. Without his grief, I wouldn’t have learned about Linux and the magic of Open Source.

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