​The Delicate Art of Product Management with Open Source

​The Delicate Art of Product Management with Open Source

This post is really going to be an aggregator for a bunch of different content that I’m working on focused on Product Management in the context of open source. What’s different? What’s the same? Mostly, product management is product management, but there are a few golden nuggets that I try to offer about ways to always have healthy interactions with your open source software suppliers.

This concept of open source and product management really kicked off with a talk I did in Bolivia in 2019. It covers a day in the life of a product manager so that you can kind of understand what a product manager does. If you’re interested in the English content, give me a holler and I’ll see if I can translate it:

Then, this year Dave Neary kicked off a series call Open Source in Business. I was lucky enough to be on the first episode with Adam Jacobs, the former CTO of Chef:

The biggest chunk of content is a series of blog entries that I’ve written for OpenSource.com. Will total six article eventually:

  1. Is open source a development model, business model, or something else?
  2. How to define a product in the open source software supply chain
  3. What do open source product teams do?
  4. 18 ways to differentiate open source products from upstream suppliers
  5. Managing the open source product roadmap
  6. Going to market with an open source product

Here’s a talk I did for TechZone this year (11/27/2020). Here are links to the original Spanish presentation and the English translation that I’m working on:

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