RHEL7 Release Notes Highlights

I just finished going through the release notes for RHEL7 Release Candidate and Technical Notes


  • Fast Block Devices Caching Slower Block Devices
  • Systemd controls cgroups
  • Hardware Event Reporting Mechanism (HERM)
  • RAS Daemon: Unifies all error data & reporting
  • Live migration of a guest from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 host to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Beta host is supported
  • Anaconda features a new text mode that works on IBM S/390, typewriter terminals, and which can also be used write-only
  • OpenLMI support
  • Backup/Restore for IPA
  • Replaces rgmanager with Pacemaker
  • The Pacemaker Configuration System, or pcs, replaces ccs, ricci and luci as the unified cluster configuration and administration tool

Depricated & Removed Packages

  • Depricated: sendmail, ext2, ext3, rhn support, libcgroup
  • Removed: 32 Bit, POWER6, Some system-config-, prelink, busybox

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