Over the years, crunchtools.com has evolved. Back in 2010 when I first started publishing, this site was a collecting point for all of my work around Web Operations and Systems Administration. From serving Ecards at American Greeting Interactive (AGI) where we had 35 Python programmers and 1000 Linux web servers, to EYEMG were we did everything from server hosting to complex, web based supply chain software which interacted with mainframes, I have done a lot of technical work. From troubleshooting Russians hacking our front doors (routers) to writing and publishing complex open source BGP checks, to how teams should build/document things to best practices in log analysis – it’s all here somewhere. Just a couple of years after I started writing, I caught wind of the word DevOps being used. Today, that word is ubiquitous. The content captured here, still has a DevOps feeling.

Since those early beginnings I have changed companies, and changed roles several times. Now days this blog is more focused on Containers, and all things Cloud Native. But, I still try to keep the technical edge – while also bringing a much more mature understanding of what is and isn’t valuable, especially for people that are in the trenches building and maintaining things.

If you want to find me, here are some good methods:

As a final note, if you want to know why they call me Father Linux or if you want to know my background, I comically explain them both here:


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  1. Hi Scott- Caveating upfront I 100 percent realize schedules are far from final, but just wanted to see if you or a colleague plan to attend KubeCon next month in Barcelona?

    Several folks from cloud firm DigitalOcean will be there so if you’re going and might be interested in meeting, want to be sure on our end that there is time reserved for you.

    Again, I know it’s a crazy few days for reporters at the show and things will change but let me know and maybe we can stay in touch as it approaches?


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