Cleveland Python Group (Clepy) December 20th (Rescheduled, again)

Table of Contents


CLEPY will be held on Monday December 13 at LeanDog. The meeting will
start about 6:30.

Nick Barend will give a short introduction to Erlang: a whirlwind
introduction to the language basic interactive shell usage concurrency
primitives (spawn, messaging sending, message receiving) TCP

This will be a combination of discussion and hands-on sessions.

Please bring a laptop with an SSH client (don’t bother with installing
Erlang, we’ll connect to preconfigured environments).


Wrap Up

The meeting went great. Nick, though not claiming to be an expert, was very knowledgeable. He is an excellent presenter.

Check out the labs here:

A couple of cool erlang projects we talked about are here:

  • Mochiweb: Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.
  • Web Machine: Erlang library useful for building web based APIs. One really cool feature is the flow charts of where things break.

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