DevConf 2021: Virtual CZ: Building Smaller Container Images

DevConf 2021: Virtual CZ: Building Smaller Container Images

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Red Hat helped pioneer the concept of a Linux distribution, now we’re working on how to get rid of it… OK, you’re paying attention, right? Technically, we’re trying to shift the problem of managing the distro to Red Hat so that you don’t have to worry about it. Distroless container images can be tiny because they don’t include package management tools like RPM and DNF, but still provide users needed software like glibc, openssl, and httpd. Cloud is just somebody else’s computer, Serverless is just somebody else’s server, and Distroless is just somebody else’s Linux distro.

In this talk, we’ll analyze the dependencies in container images using rpm-show, and explain how work is constantly being done to make container images smaller while still providing battle tested, pre-built software that is convenient to consume.


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