2020: Brno: Understanding Container Engines by Demo™ 2020: Brno: Understanding Container Engines by Demo™

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So, you know that containers are fancy processes, and you know that the kubelet, docker engine, runc and the kernel work together to somehow create containers, but you have gaps in knowledge on exactly what happens in between kubectl run (or docker run, or podman run) and ps -ef on a node. If you can’t explain it on a napkin and that drives you nuts, this talk is for you.

There are a lot of technologies working together to make a simple command so simple. It’s like an iceberg of technology below the water, and we are going to scuba dive below the surface and explore what’s going on. Also, we are going to give you a pewter challenge coin to prove you were there and did it.

After attending this talk, you should be able to impress your friends, influence people and become rich using your new, deeper understanding of how the orchestration node (kubelet), container engine (CRI-O, dockerd, containerd), container runtime (runc, kata, gvisor), and Linux kernel work together to create and manage containers.


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