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I have finally started working on upgrading my very complicated system which combines an online Pomodoro Timer, a Pomodoro Spreadsheet, MediaWiki, Request Tracker, Zimbra Notes, Google Tasks, Zimbra Calendar, and Google Calendar. I am finally combining Google Tasks, Zimbra Tasks and part of the Pomodoro Spreadsheet into SpringPad.

Everyone has heard of Evernote, so I tried it first. The web interface looks great, there is an Android app and an iPhone app. I immediately noticed that there was no way to set reminders. This was a complete show stopper because I have so many time dependent tasks. This immediately set me off looking for their competitors. This brought me to SpringPad

SpringPad’s web interface is a little more complex, especially after using EverNote which requires almost no learning. After a bit of customization to make the default view a list and changing colors, things look great. The customizations can all be done in the bottom left corner of a Notbook in a section called Notbook Settings. Reminders can be set and comments can be made on each todo item, so it could almost replace Request Tracker.

There are still some downsides, SpringPad has no way to export data to a standard CSV format, so it cannot completely replace my Request Tracker instance. Other than that, things look good though. I will update this post with comments in the coming weeks. Maybe this will give me enough free time to write hear more often again

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  1. Last night playing with SpringPad, I found a couple more wins. 1. Using Android “intents” you can browse movies in the Google Play Store and add them directly to a movies list. 2. You can forward action items as an email!

    1. I have also used kimai. At my last place of employment we used it for time tracking, it was pretty impressive.

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