Redesign of Crunchtools Post Tags

Well, it’s that time of year when you do some clean up – and, that’s what I did while I waited for my OpenShift 3.11 install to finish. I have completely redesigned the WordPress tags to make it way easier to find stuff. This is a selfish endeavor but it should help others too. I also did some very quick analysis to see what I have been spending my time on. Big surprise, a lot of Linux, Kubernetes, and Container Tools work.

Doing a sort by count by quantity of articles in each category shows the following:

Systems Administration systems-administration 43
DevOps devops 27
Open Source Software open-source-software 25
Linux linux 15
Best Practices best-practices 15
Tutorials tutorials 15
Kubernetes kubernetes 14
Software Development software-development 13
Container Engine container-engine 13
Container Tools container-tools 13
RHEL rhel 11
Community community 11
Red Hat red-hat 10
Virtualization virtualization 8
Logging logging 7
OpenShift openshift 7
Container Portability container-portability 7
Container Runtime container-runtime 7
Python python 5
MIddleware middleware 4
Open Standards open-standards 4
Container Images container-images 4
Security security 3
High Availability high-availability 2
Networking networking 2
Fedora fedora 2
Storage storage 1
Monitoring monitoring 1
Open Source open-source 1
OpenStack openstack 1
Performance performance 1

Well, I hope you like the new tagging schema and would love any feedback.


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