Who is Fatherlinux?

Who is Fatherlinux?

Over the years I have realized that there is a bit of confusion when I first tell people my Twitter handle is @fatherlinux. People ask things like, “what about mother Linux?” or “Perhaps you should change your name to Grandpa Linux now that you have been doing this for so long?” They often think the

Marketing Small OpenSource Projects: Packaging

Background Packaging is one of those nagging problems that has buggered me for years. When do you create your own RPM or DEB package? Of course the answer is, it depends. I have found two distinct use cases which have Basics I don’t think the use cases for this tool have been identified in this

Deep Dive: Rebasing vs. Backporting

Background Impetus Recently, I saw a discussion was started, asking about the importance of the operating system on the LinkedIn OpenStack group: Ubuntu can overtake Red Hat in private clouds because the OS doesn’t really matter I found the conversation wildly interesting because several people expressed reasons for why they think the operating system does

Michigan Red Hat Enterprise User Group (May 8th)

Are you a programmer, architect, or systems administrator that leverages Open Source, Red Hat technology in a business critical environment? Do you wish that you could go to Red Hat Summit, but can’t find budget for travel? Then, this local user group is for you.