Ohio Linux Fest 2010


Last year was the first time that I made it to the Ohio Linux Fest and it was a blast. I met a bunch of the volunteers from the Fedora project, learned about the One Laptop Per Child projects success, and was finally pushed over the edge to write some open source software. This year looks to be a good one.

From a systems administrator’s perspective project Sikuli looks interesting for automation, while this introduction to SELINUX might help those just starting with it. Finally, “Configuring a Stable and Redundant Monitoring System” looks like a good talk.

From the developer’s side, I think “Choosing the Right Documentation for your Open Source Project” looks mighty interesting. Also, I think “Introduction to SQL/SQLite” looks good.

There’s a lot of good stuff this year at Ohio Linux Fest this year including a the OLFU Training,Open Source Medical Track, Certifcation Exams, and the Diversity Workshop. Finally,



Here is the schedule of talks and registration

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