We have moved: opensource.eyemg.com becomes crunchtools.com

Hello Everyone, I am proud to announce that http://opensource.eyemg.com has officially become part of https://crunchtools.com. When the original open source site was created, it was to facilitate distribution of open source software which had been developed in and around EYEMG’s data ceter. Since then the content has expanded to include a vision of tutorials, software

Data Center: Best Practices and Free Software

Abstract This presentation was created for the Akron Linux Users Group in 2009. This is an overview of how I apply the telco model of FCAPS to running a commercial data center. It also overviews open source pieces of software that cover each of the elements of FCAPS. I envision a future presentation which presents

Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference

I became aware of the Velocity just after last years conference. ((http://en.oreilly.com/velocity2009)) Many of the presentations were published online and I watched several of them. They were insightful, fresh, and dead on target for web operations education. I fell in love at once. Watch/read the presentations here and here. Then check out the upcoming conference.

Introduction to DevOps

I will be giving an introduction to DevOps ((http://dev2ops.org/blog/2010/2/22/what-is-devops.html)) and the DevOps Toolchain ((http://code.google.com/p/devops-toolchain/wiki/DevOps)) at the Akron Linux Users Group (ALUG) ((http://groups.google.com/group/AkronLUG/web/alug-home-page)), held at the New Era Restaurant at 10 Massillon Rd. Akron Ohio (See map below) Often development and operations seem to have competing goals. Development is the gas, while operations is often perceived

MySQL Replication and Redhat Clustering

Abstract This presentation was created for the MySQL User Group of Cleveland 2009. It contains lessons learned and features necessary for deployment of MySQL replication and Redhat Clustered MySQL using DRBD. To deploy a production grade version of these solutions, many systems must be tied together including, performance and fault management. Presentation MySQL Replication

Browser & Web Server Cache Control Headers 101

Background Caching between a browser and an origin server is controlled by request and response headers . Quite often these headers are misunderstood by users and business owners, so it is important that we as systems administrators and developers understand them well. Secondly, caching can have an impact on web site performance and bandwidth usage.

Browser & Web Server Headers 101

Background Understanding the basic interaction between a web server and a web browser is critical for a beginning systems administrator or web developer. Basically, text is sent back and forth in a way that is specified by the HTTP protocol. Several versions of the protocol exist, but the details are not required to understand the

Science in Systems Administration

Abstract This presentation was created for the Akron Linux Users Group in September 2009. It is a brief overview of several home grown tools and several from the wild. All of the tools used in this presentation are freely down-loadable and all but DejaClick are Open Source. This presentation enumerates philosophy and applied techniques in