Pittsburgh Perl Workshop

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From the organizers:

Originally inspired by similar workshops in Europe, The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop was established in 2006 as a low-cost technical conference for users of the Perl Programming Language. The conference emphasizes real code and immediate, pratical solutions to common issues.

This year Duncan Hutty was kind enough to me to speak at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop in the “Ops Track”. I gave a talk on how to Design a Robust Monitoring System. Most of the material in the talk came from my experiences at EYEMG and American Greetings Interactive, which when I worked there was a whole owned subsidiary of American Greetings which ran all the web properties.

The keynote was given by Thomas Limoncelli who wrote The Practice of System and Network Administration. During his talk, I was pleased to pick up that Google had developed a similar scheme for breaking down events into three categories, Record, Action, and Critical Action. For more info, check out the talk.

It was well worth the two beautiful hour drive and I hope to see more people at next years conference



Room Opens 6:30pm, Dinner 7-8pm, presentation 8-9pm


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